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The facts of this issue seem to be already over exagerated...

As per Carnival's last update:
While the ship’s propulsion systems and primary power source were not impacted, in an abundance of caution, we prefer not to sail with guests on board without an operational back up emergency generator.

There is no problem with any PRIMARY systems onboard. Likely due to the recent Triumph incident, and / or, regulations, they WILL NOT take a chance as in the event the emergency generator (backup) IS required, it doesn't work. Likley in light of the recent Triumph issue, Carnival is erroring on the side of caution, yet the media seems to be STILL slamming them. Can't win?!?

Everything looks ok via the Dream's webcams, people are in the pool, etc.

Was this problem the SAME as the Triumph issue? It sounds ERRILY familar, but maybe didn't escalate to the level as Triumph? With mention of the seemingly "Intermittant" loss of power, it sounds more like an electrical switchover problem between the primary source and the backup. I am not a ship engineer, but I AM a Biomedical Electronics Technologist and am family with the switchover of primary and backup generators in hospital environments. Maybe the fault in both ships lies in some faulty electrical / electronic switchover component common between the two (or more) ships and the fault is not a result of anything Carnival did wrong? (Pure speculation of cource.) But we do live in a world where product recalls happen every day. (I see lots in the medical world). Does Toyota make any ship parts !

"Stuck" in St. Maarten for a few days? PFFFFFFT! WISH I was there! They are not due to debark in Port Canaveral until Saturday anyway. If they fly back to Orlando on, or before Saturday morning, it's still a pretty decent vacation and they could likely make their original travel plans back home.

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