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Originally Posted by ship2shore View Post
I fail to understand how a "backup generator problem" can impact the main electrical systems, cabin power and toilet function, as it apparently did. Even temporary failure of these systems (back on at 12:30) does not compute. It was a "backup system". Somebody is lying.
No one is lying. There is a "switch" from main power to backup. If there is a switch to backup and the backup isn't working then you will lose power. When you switch back to main then power is restored.

I've worked with enough UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems in large data centers to know what can happen when main power is transferred to backup and backup fails. It gets really dark and really quiet. It can also trip and even blow breakers and circuits that need to be reset or replaced when the system is set back to main power.

They probably had to fix and reset certain circuits which could result in multiple, temporary, power losses to certain systems.

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