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Based on my experience, to test a backup system, you need to shut down the main power system, or at least "Spoof it" to test the activation of the backup system. The post above by Carnival says there was a scheduled generator test on the morning after the intermittant power problems. Was there a test, or partial test that night which led to the scheduled test the next day? Some items "May not compute", not because they are wrong or untruthful, but rather because all the required information hasn't been released, or is currently unknown. The explanation itself is vague right now, calling it a "Malfunction" and the generator is "Inoperable". Is it inoperable because of a problem with the physical generator itself, or the system that is supposed to activate it? The result would be the same, no emergency generator, regardless of the fault.


Originally Posted by ship2shore View Post
I fail to understand how a "backup generator problem" can impact the main electrical systems, cabin power and toilet function, as it apparently did. Even temporary failure of these systems (back on at 12:30) does not compute. It was a "backup system". Somebody is lying.
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