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I asked above, "Was there a test" I never implied that was what happened. The nature of the cruise animal dictates that passengers are essentially always present. Each ship is turned around quickly. A new cruise starts within hours of the last one ending. Sometimes tests have to be completed whenever time permits. While you never see it, I can guarantee that if you or a loved one has ever entered an O.R. there are many tests being performed on equipment between cases, and sometimes during cases. The goals are the same, to maximize safety.

There was no, "Let's perform the test to see if the $hit runs uphill." and you analogy to essentially treat passengers like lab rats is not even a good one.

When you patent your variable "dummy load" that tests for all real life scenarios I`m sure you will become very rich.

As far as a better way to conduct tests in a cruse ship environment? As mentioned previously, the problem is time, so maybe an 8 day work week and the creation of a new Sunday are in order?

Accusing cutbacks as being the cause is another form of speculation. If I've learned anything over the years it is sometimes better to hang back for a while, get both, or more sides to every story, and often the right answers seem to present themselves.


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its nice to know they conduct their tests on live key systems related to passenger comfort, while passengers are present.... maybe they need a "dummy load" to conduct tests on, rather than passenger toilets.

Do they also conduct bacteriological tests on food by feeding it to the passengers, and observing the results?
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