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Originally Posted by ship2shore View Post
Funny: You would thing after the "events on Carnival Dream" this proves this IS NOT the way to test systems. To me, you guys are on shaky ground to say thats just how its done. Maybe, just maybe, they have to develop a better plan????

Funnier: About 2 years ago, I was involved in an event in a field where the generator was "tested". The operator told us to connect stuff to it in order to have a "load". Well, the bloody thing promptly blew out everything connected to it, and there was subsequently no event. Almost 10k$ in damage was caused (needless to say its still in litigation, because the idiot would not "step up")

There HAS to be a better way to test this stuff.
When you come up with a cost effective way that tests the back up system in a real life situation you better patent it. You'll make millions when you sell it to disaster recovery planners.

Your $10K is nothing. Hopefully they found out the problem and then fixed it. What would be the cost if the emergency generator failed in a real life disaster situation.

Your major banking systems, Federal Reserve systems and just about every major company with a credible Disaster Recovery Plan test their UPS systems on a weekly basis and yes, just about every one has failed at some point. The key is that you want it to fail when you can return to common power and not during a real disaster.

The Dream could have set sail back to Port Canaveral but went on the side of caution to not do so without a working backup generator.

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