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I'm not exactly sure what it takes to be an " Avid " cruiser of Carnival but personally I have sailed approx 25 times on Carnival.
I don't consider myself as one who is in the know re / the CEO.
As I understand it, Mickey Arrison is the head of the Carnival Corp., which owns Princess, HAL, Costa, Seaborne and some foreign interests. Then each brand, such as Carnival has a CEO, who happens to be Cahill.
There may or may not be any truth in what the "AVID " cruiser said--who knows --- It very well could be his ( Cahill's ) style of management that has brought on changes that has forced cut-backs here and there that should have been left
in place--not saying one way or the other--we simply don't know.
But--- If I were Mickey Arison I would be looking closely at what's been happening since Bob Dickinson left and might entertain the idea of bringing him out of retirement for a while , at least.
Just my thoughts, which doesn't mean a thing --Carnival doesn't call me for my opinions! --but I bet Arison is steamed at someone !!
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