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The first cruise we had on RCCL wasn't so good either. It was on the Grandeur of the Seas, which was new at that time. I wasn't overly impressed with several things--first thing was my luggage--I finally located it myself right beside the elevator door where two crew were leaned up against the wall talking and not offering at all to even move, until I told them to move, so I could look at the luggage to make sure it was mine, then had to tell them to take it to my cabin as I had been the one who had to track it down.
So, we steered clear of RCCL for a few years but did decide to give them another shot and I'm glad we did. I love their bigger ships and have been very satisfied with our cruises on them. Looking forward to the Allure in Jan. but am going on the Dream in Sept. ( hopefully-- )
I would suggest you give RCCL another try--I think you would be happy you did.
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