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Originally Posted by Ron View Post
Mickey Arison's dad, Ted Arison founded Carnival Cruise Lines . Their first ship was a 27,000 ton ship that was built in the early 60's for trans-Atlantic crossings.
The ship originally was the Empress of Canada. By that time, jet service crossing from Europe to the U.S. was hurting the ocean liners and the Empress of Canada was laid up. Arison bought it with his last dollars, named it the Mardi Gras --so, the start of Carnival was one older ship they painted red, white and blue. Mickey Arison worked on the ship , doing most everything from mopping to tending bar. Their first cruise started with a bang--they ran aground on a sand bar near Miami ! It's also said that once or twice they had to empty the slot machines to help buy fuel to get back home to Miami. Ted Arison is given credit by many as the person who brought cruising to where the average person could afford to cruise.The first cruise we ever took was in 1983 on the Mardi Gras. We had a tiny cabin with a plate sized porthole and my bed was propped up on one side with a piece of 2x4 lumber. We enjoyed it though and were hooked on cruising. We went to Cozumel, Ocho Rios and Grand Cayman.
They later bought another older ship and painted it, later bought their first New Build and named it the Tropicale. It was, I believe a 36,000 ton ship which was big in that day. So, from that point on, they never looked back-- then came the Fantasy class ships, then the Destiny and so on. They are actually the largest cruise line in the world now with passengers carried and as I said earlier own several other lines.
So, Mickey is now the CEO of the Carnival Corp. and each division has a CEO. and too like I said earlier, I would imagine that Mickey is pretty steamed about the last developments and It wouldn't surprise me to see some people in hot water with him over the these latest developments.
So, you very well may be right about Jerry Cahill--we'll have to wait and see.
Thanks for the post. It says a lot about the roots of Carnival and why it developed the following that they have. And the question we are all looking for to be answered: is it just a run of bad luck or is it really a maintenance problem stemming from a financial decision to cut costs somewhere? For myself I think it is just a string of bad luck. But I do believe Carnival has to step to the plate and let folks know what is really happening. JMHO

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