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Good morning everyone:

I wasn't up as early as Robin but close. Often I find it nice to awaken early and enjoy the start of a new day at a more leisurely pace. Even when I actually worked for a living the worst thing was to be rushed in the morning. It set the tone for the whole day.

Today is the REAL tax day. I was going to do it last Thursday but the brain had other plans so it was delayed until today. I'm not too rushed because I know that I will need to do my part to cut the deficit and write a check to Uncle Sam and the State of Minnesota.

From what the talking heads are saying we will be having a March Snowpacolypse tomorrow and Monday. Snow this time of year can be a real bear. It's wet and heavy and not easy for the snowblower to handle and REALLY hard to shovel. I hope Betty is in good shape so she can take care of it.

I hope all have a great Saturday and wonderful weekend.

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