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I now remembered "if your going to dig be prepared for what you might discover" I need to stop digging! There are sure a lot of red flag with a few Carnival ships at this time and as I have tried to just look away I decided to read Paul's article and dug some more, YIKES! Only time will tell if I decide take my Carnival cruise in December, I'm thinking a $250.00 loss of my deposit might not be so bad after reading issues with Liberty.

Paul's article was very good but for the life of me I don't understand when a cruise line knows there's a problem with a ship how can they just send people on their way as they look away, that seems to be exactly what they have been doing up until Dream. How are they not liable when they know there's a problem but choose to ignore it. Not so sure I want to support a company like that.

Now talk about bad timing Liberty had many sick guests on the last day of a sailing this month, some claim Guy's burgers and other the chocolate bar.
Note to myself "STOP READING!"
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