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Default Disney & Retail Assoc

I applied for a position I'm perfect for with DCL, but I'm afraid I've gotten stuck in the "lazy American" trap. (I'm a 2 time former College Programmer, so Ship Life reminds me a lot of CP Life. And I actually did the position in question previously at Disney's parks.)

Should I go through one of their listed recruiters and hope they'll sell me into a position? What's the average response time for DCL after sending in an application? I don't want to spam them, but I'd really just like a fair shot at this job.


I'd love to apply with Harding Bros, but it doesn't look like they hire American's either--or at least not Stateside ones. (I'm basing this off the mandatory training in England.)

Is it possible to start with Starboard as a Store Manager, or at least a position higher than the basic Sale Assoc. (The rate is too low for me otherwise with the bills I have.)

Does anyone have direct experience with The PPI Group? Or can clue me in to another Stateside CL hiring company?

Thanks in Advance!
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