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What clothes should we take for July (I know to dress in layers but I have seen where we should wear water resistant pants & I am not sure where to get those & why not wear jeans)? I saw a snorkel excursion & it sounds great but has anyone done this excursion & is it worth it?
First, the Snorkel tour is in Ketchikan and I highly recommend it! I did the tour a couple years ago and absolutely loved it. I have lived in Ketchikan for years and had heard that the Snorkel Tour was awarded as the top tour for several years so I figured I would find out what the big deal was. Well, it is a top notch tour, and snorkeling in Alaska is absolutely gorgeous - the colors, the crystal clear water, the sea animals! It was amazing!

As for how to dress - you're coming in July which is one of our driest months....BUT it's still in the rainforest and we get rain! (It rains in Ketchikan an average of 300 days a year). The reason you saw a note to bring rain pants is that if it's pouring (and yes, we do get sideways rain!) and you're walking around in jeans, they will get soaked, cold, & heavy quickly. Why come on vacation and be miserable? If you are here on a rainy day, you'll notice all of the locals working on the docks are in rain gear - they know that as long as they stay dry they will be warm & happy.

So - where to get rain pants? I'm not sure where you live but your local sporting goods store should have them. Of course you can find them online like this one. And since you have lots of time before your Cruise - check out your local Thrift Stores, they may have something that would work just fine too! I say that because my family lives in Palm Springs and came out to visit last year. My Sister-in-law went to the Thrift Stores and found some NICE rain jackets for little to nothing! And since she wouldn't use them again, left them here to save room in her suitcase for all the goodies she bought. haha!

Enjoy your trip!
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