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I think too many people let the media make them become worry be honest only one of these was a "major" issue...the other two were to a point of one having a problem before it left a port and carnival stated it did not want to take a chance until the emergency generator was repaired...the problem was found during their normal run ups and it shows they are maintaining them...your care goes in for a tune up and a problem is found does not mean your not doing the proper maintenance...and the other was a mechanical problem that slowed the ship by a few knots...big deal...the media feeds off of worry warts....mechanical problems occur with machines....the problem with the dream was people over exaggerating the issue to news media and friends when in reality there was no major "life threatening" or even unsanitary issues except for one bathroom...big deal...we booked Carnival Sunshine for March 2014...cant wait to go and if something happens it happens...that is what insurance if for...if there were never problems, accidents or disasters there would be no such thing as insurance...
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