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Default Early Saver Price Drop Asking Me to Pay Additional 800 USD Deposit?!

Hi I hope someone here can help me out bec I am very confused.

I booked an Interior Spa 4S room on a Mediterranean Cruise on the Sunshine for October.

I was booked under Early Saver and paid a deposit of 400 USD total. Today (March 20), I filed a price protection claim and saw a total of 240 USD price adjustment on my record on their websit. HOWEVER, what I do not understand why it now says that there is an 800 USD Deposit Due last MARCH 4!! I don't understand bec the adjustments were only made today, on March 20.

Here is what the fare calculation looks like:
TOTAL 2 Guests: $1458 Cruise Rate + 458.44 Taxes etc. = $1916 Total

Payment Applied: $400 (This is the deposit I had already made upon booking)
Deposit (Due by Mar 4, 2013): $800 USD
Balance due by July 22, 2013: $1516.44

Someone ple shed light on this. Why am I asked to pay an additional $800 deposit? I have already paid $400. It says the $800 deposit was due on March 4, 2013, when the price drop changes were only made today March 20!! Lastly, if I am required to pay an additional $800 which wont be a problem, then why does it say my additional balance is still $1516.44?!?!?!
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