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Just so you know it could be snowing or could be 100 degree when you in the Fairbanks area in for dressing, layers as Denali creates it's own weather...Princess has a huge operation in Alaska and we had many a friend who worked for them during tourist season...also I would honestly try to go as early as you can in the season, reason is July is fire weather and if the fires get big your see mostly smoke on your trip through the interior...many times as a fire fighter up there I heard tourist ask why there is so much smoke all the time...because unless the fire threatens population centers they are allowed to places to see in the interior of Alaska...Fairbanks Ice Museum, Denali National and State Parks (I refuse to use the US Government name) and we loved the Kenai and Valdez...there is so much to do in Alaska I always tell people if you have the time and money take the ferry out of the lower 48 to Whitehorse Yukon, and then drive from there down the Alaskan Highway to Delta Junction, drive to Fairbanks, then Denali then Anchorage, then down to the tip of the Kenai, back to anchorage, to Valdez and catch the ferry back to the lower 48...or you can fly in and rent a RV and drive and see everything with your own Alaska you can camp just about anyplace as it is all state and federal lands open to recreation....
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