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Originally Posted by cherylroy View Post
MY TA emailed me today after I had emailed her to check the prices to get a better price since things dropped. She emailed me back saying she upgraded us from the Cove cabin to Deck 10 on the Breeze (Lido). We booked a cove cabin because last time on the Dream we LOVED IT!!!!!! It was AWESOME!!!!!! She did this without asking first and now I have to wait until tomorrow to see if it can be reversed. Now......on the brighter side, we are receiving a 238.00 on-board credit due to the price drop. I am a bit upset about her moving our cabin without notifying me first.
You're doing the right thing and getting on the phone with him/her as soon as you can. Get it reversed. She/He probably thought she was doing you a favor so don't be too hard on her/him but make sure you get your cabin back. Just hope it didn't go back into the pool and get booked by someone else.

I hope it all works out well. At least you have the OBC.

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