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Originally Posted by thecruisequeen View Post
For me a Poop in the Bag cruise is a disaster.....a ship missing ports is an inconvenience....A ship dead in port and have to fly back may be an inconvenience to some and a disaster to others...there are cruisers that love to cruise because they don't fly.

I do agree with JasonNJ's post....cruisers book a cruise and look forward to their cruise and should not have to end early with 50% off the next cruise, missed ports, power lost, etc.

I book a cruise I have a mental picture before hand what my cruise will be like...and surely want my cruise to go as planned. No inconveniences or disasters.
I would never ever get on another cruise ship then if you don't want a disaster to can happen at anytime in any situation..."disasters" occur and the best you can hope for is people not dying...not saying I want it to happen to me, but there is a lot worse things in this life then pooping in a bag....try pooping as someone send rounds at you...heck I would take that experience on the cruise ship before Iraq what I am saying is there is relevance to what is "horrid" conditions and what is not depending on our past experiences...I spent 20+ in the military and been to some pretty crappy pooping in a bag when something unforeseeable occurs on a cruse ship...well at least I am 6 feet up and not the other way....
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