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Another day, another chance of snow flurries!! Spring, where are you!!!

Feeling a bit better today. Not so at the start - had a headache/neckache, but the muscle relaxer and pain pill has helped. Only using them as needed and it has been a few days since I took either of them. Hoping the steri strips start to fall off soon. They are really attached good to my skin!

RD, LakersFan, Manuel and Sue - have a good day, regardless of the weather; I am sure we would all take Manuel's weather if we could!!!!

DougR - you are still in my thoughts and prayers; glad you followed up the arrangement meeting with a grandkids visit to brighten your day; also, I want a few moments with that groundhog rodent as we have snow chances and a possible accumulating snow early next week

Not much else going on; so good day to all!
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