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Originally Posted by hpotterfan77 View Post
Ok so more info for I have never been to any of the ports with the exception of Bermuda. The one thing that bugs me about Royal is you only get 1 day in each port versus 2 days in the Bahamas and 1 day on Grand Turk. A bigger cabin sounds nice and we do spend a bit of time in them when we're just feeling plain lazy. The ship for Carnival is the Splendor though I have only heard about the engine fire on that ship a couple of years back. The Royal ship would be the Explorer. We're leaning more toward Carnival because of the fact that I can get a better room for less. I'd rather have more $ to spend on the cruise itself than paying more for a smaller room.
What in your opinion is so much better about being in the Bahamas 2 days as opposed to being at a port for 1 day?

Most people would rather be anywhere but the Bahamas.

I see you have already picked where you will be going but I'm just curious.

I am sure you will enjoy the Splendor.

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