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Good morning everyone:

It is gradually turning into Spring around here. It's a slow melting process with highs only in the mid to upper thirties but that is a good thing. A slow melt may prevent some flooding and hopefully get the ground water back after last Summer's drought.

I've been basically MIA for a few days. Between a brain vacation and reconfiguring my daughter's old(er) office computer for my granddaughter I've been a bit busy. I had to do some hardware changes and upgrades and finally wipe the drives, upgrade the OS, find and install drivers for Windows 7. It took a full day to get it done but now she should have a system that will get her through the next three or four years of school. The interesting thing is that I can't believe the stuff "you forget" when you haven't done something for a while. A couple of dumb mistakes made the job about twice as long as it should have been. Oh well: It's done now.

Today, we'll take the computer over to my daughter's and set it up in my granddaughter's room and then back home to prepare for friends coming over this evening. Tomorrow my sister and BIL will be here for a week so it's going to be busy.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and a good upcoming week.

Take care,
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