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Default Better yet Dante should charter a private yatch.

Originally Posted by green_rd View Post
Hi d... Dante

Yeah, so this isn't the vacation you would have chosen. Not sure why you didn't book a more lux trip. There are plenty of them, but you didn't.

Enjoying your vacation, as with anything in life, is a matter of attitude. If you go on your trip believing that your fellow cruisers are beneath you and nothing is up to your standards then you won't enjoy yourself. Take time to explore and do what you want and skip what you don't - except the safety drill.
Sounds like Dante will only be happy with a private yatch. On a yatch he could have everything he wants just so he can pay for it just like Blowfeld in the Bond sagas. He also reminds me of a recent from an airline pilot who says I am getting a free cruise because I am a pilot, but I still want to share the cabin to save expenses.

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