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Originally Posted by S.S.Oceanlover View Post
What in your opinion is so much better about being in the Bahamas 2 days as opposed to being at a port for 1 day?

Most people would rather be anywhere but the Bahamas.

I see you have already picked where you will be going but I'm just curious.

I am sure you will enjoy the Splendor.

Totally agree with you as the Bahamas certainly not like when we first visited in the late 50,s and early 60,s. Paradise Island was an island only with no hotels and you took a small boat for a wonderful day at a beautiful beach and at night went over the hill to some very lively bars when the limbo was just starting by the original Sweet Richard and Princess Kitty. No McDonalds and the country was run by the British.Fancy rum drinks only a dollar and the British colonial was the place to be for the more affluent. Now in my opinion nothing but a tourist trap and very expensive if you travel to the Atlantis Hotel for anything connected to this gambling mecca.
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