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Default Once in a lifetime.

I went on Carnival Conquest out of Galveston, Texas in 2008.
I was fourteen years old, I mostly wanted to stay to myself.
However, by the third or fourth day I had to admit I wanted
To be around kids my own age and went and checked out the
Teen club. The second I walked in there was a boy that was
Clearly in charge that everyone followed and I was captivated,
Ironically, everyone there was also captivated by the new girl.
Once introduction were made and everyone calmed down he
Walked up to me and talked to me and I acted like I could careless,
(I later found out that he had called "dibbs" on me which is why
None of the other guys I flirted with flirted back. He eventually
Started flirting with me and eventually "proposed" like he had with
All the other girls. We got "married" and still are to this day. We were
Inseparable and I ended up being his first kiss the last night. I'm now
Nineteen and he's eighteen and were still as close as ever, he's Marine,
And I'm I'm college to be a teacher. It's been five years and he's my best
Friend, despite the fact that he lived six hours away and is now in an
Entirely different state hasn't changed a thing, I know without a doubt
In my mind that I'm going to marry him. He's my everything, and it only took four days on a cruise ship when we were fourteen. (:
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