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Originally Posted by DougR. View Post
Happy Sunday all!!!! Memorial service for my mom yesterday went well found out some stuff about her I didn't know such as being such a party animal when she was young!!! Pictures from the Cotton Club in NYC on a girls night out (it is not something new) in 1939 and other similar photos. Certainly this couldn't be the straight-laced mom who's idea of a good time was drinking a whiskey sour while watching Lawrence Welk .
Doug - this brought back a happy/sad memory for me. When my Dad died in 2011, we were talking with his older sister, who said my Dad had performed in a couple of musical theater productions! Now, we knew my Dad sang in the church choir, but my aunt was really into music - performed in regional theater musicals and later was a voice teacher at the University of Chicago - and she persuaded my Dad to try out for a couple of parts and he got them. In one musical he played a gangster - so against my Dad's personality even though his body type would fit the part. We were astonished! And what a great new memory to have!
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