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Originally Posted by Donna View Post
Some ports are very easy to navigate by yourself if you know where you are going, and depending on time, etc. What ports are you going to visit?
I havent decided where I will be going except it will be somewhere warm near beaches. If the ports are going to require paid excursions to do anything that cost will have to be considered with the price of the cruise

I should clarify, my idea of inexpensive is free with a free beach/snorkling walking distance (withing a few blocks) from the port or maybe an inexpensive local bus to get to a free beach/snorkling etc. While these might not be the prettiest beaches, they are decent beaches. I dont consider a $45.00 car rental as an inexpensive trip.

On several occasions I have walked to free beaches/ snorkling and seen passengers from the same ship there on a ship's excursion for which they each paid $30.00-$35.00. I am referring to free beaches/snorkling within a few blocks from the port. Cruise ships are charging this and getting this.

However at some ports one really needs to take pay for an excursion be it the ships or one from the port or at least an expensive taxi to get anywhere.

So thats why Im trying to find out which ports in the Caribbean, Mexico, South America, or Central America are inexpensive and which are expensive.
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