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Default Yeah, I'm still alive

Three weeks ago Sunday I was in the ER at the local hospital when my adored friend Susan was told, "Before you leave you should say goodbye because he won't live until morning. He's had a massive heart attack." That physician is still the butt of jokes over his "fantastic prognosticatory" abilities. What a jackass.

Susan then informed me that when I was discharged, I wasn't going home but to her house with her husband and daughter until I was well enough to start trying to take "baby steps" on my own. I had not even ever met her husband but by the time I arrived at their house, he had delivered and set up a top of the line electric hospital bed in their living room. I admit, the tears flowed like rain.

My friend Susan their 14 year old daughter and even Shawn her husband then devoted every minute of every day to my welfare and still operate three different businesses. In essence, this family gives an entire new meaning to the term, "Faith based."

Two nights ago Shawn walks in and casually puts a very heavy box on my bed with the comment, "Who knows? Might make use of that some day." Inside that box was the most gorgeous, leather bound KJV Bible completely paginated and with study notes that Ihad ever seen. It had to have cost a small fortune but that just shows why I feel closer to them than my own family.

I am home today for the first time but only for a few hours and then it's back to my second home. It truly brings tears to my eyes when I recall the outrageous number of tributes, well wishes, etc., from close friends to many who follow my newspaper column very closely.

My buddy Jeff became unglued when he heard what had happened to me and will be replacing my ICD within the next several months as the battery has now fallen to 19 percent. No one....but NO ONE cuts on me unless his name is Jeff Schoondyke. It's that simple.

And now the most unbelievable part. Want to know who proved I hadn't had a heart attack and that all of my problems stemmed from chronic overmedication. Was it a physician? Nope! Wast it a PA or RN? Nope! It was Susan whose never had five minutes of medical training. Now you talk about REALLY EMBARRASSING! I love The Lord's sense of humor!

Here's wishing both our Christian and Jewish friends the most marvelous holiday EVER!


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