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My sentiments exactly! I am cruising Carnival again- but you couldn't pay me to cruise over Easter! I certainly learned my lesson.

I loved the ship and I loved the experience. You tried to get into the dico too? Wasn't that amazing? I could not believe how packed full of kids it was! They were drinking in the ladies room- lol. I even heard them hooking up to meet in rooms where they had bottles.

We, out of curiosity asked one of the security guards outside the disco one night, why there were so many young kids in there. His answer was basically - there were so many teens on board that week that their priorty was trying to control the drinking, and that they didn't care how old they were! One night we even tried after 2:00am- it was even more crowded than it had been earlier! We did sit in there for a few hours watching the antics, hoping they would all go to bed, but it never happened!

I saw the kids in the casino too. Some sitting alone feeding quarters into the slots, no one said a word to them. The people with infants on their laps in the bars and at the midnight comedy shows were brave souls- (by that time of night my kids would be driving me bonkers), and I wondered why there were children just sitting at the bars in the lounges. That was a *great* week to be a kid on that ship!

You are right, they didn't do anything to control the nonsense. We took it in stride and had a blast anyway.

<clinking glasses> Here's to our next cruises - NOT during school holidays! <g>

Carnival Triumph


booking soon - 10th anniversary cruise in August....
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