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I hate the non showering dummies as well...but on the use we used the aft adults only areas in the evenings and found them pretty much empty allowing me and the DW to enjoy the hot tubs with just me and her most nights, except one where as my kids would say a "creeper" climbed right in, was maybe 18, seemed intoxicated and was carrying one of those fancy drinks, asked DW if she was with me...then asked if she was into multiple men...we got out and left...but that can and will happen anyplace with the abundance of alcohol...we went back the next night saw him bothering some other couple, we ate some pizza and waited until they got upset and had security called then we went into the other Hot tub....I will also say to the poster who said that the water was fresh water in the pools on the conquest mybe it is me or something but it seemed like salt water in the aft pool when I did try it out...
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