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Smile Missed the Boat but not next time!

I have been a 4 decade Moody Blues fan, along with all the other outstanding bands and artists and it was such a shame I could not go on her maiden Voyage out with the Moody Cruise! So many of us have wished and hoped and prayed the Moodies loved this, so they would think about doing it again. Especially for us here in the UK, a Mediterranean Cruise would help the cost since flying back to the States just about doubles it. I belong to all the MB FB sites as well as their own website: Moody Blues |

and so I was well informed BUT the timing was great for some who did not have kids in school which I did and also could not take out due to different Easter break times, tests that they were doing here in the UK, so in future, please, please offer this again, maybe on this side of the pond, and allow all of us who did not go, for one reason or another, get the chance of a lifetime to do a Moody Blues Cruise, all the bands are great too, so any of them coming back would be also wonderful, but there are still so many great ones out touring too. The reviews were all great as I read them on the FB sites and the Moodies themselves have all said they loved it, even Justin, and would do it I do hope you make lots of people's dreams come true and offer it again. Thanks!
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