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Default Yes, we were on this cruise.

And it was just like the Cruise Mates reporter described it. Now, we generally prefer the smaller ships of Silverseas, Regent, and the like for regular cruises. So naturally, we were concerned about taking a 2500 pax ship. But we went for the music and told ourselves "at least, we can expect better accommodations than they had at Woodstock"! And the music was so prevalent that it overlapped, just as your staff reported. And it was great. Onboard, my wife talked to an organizer of the music cruise and learned they were trying to do it again.

We learned about it due to the fact that we sent to a Moody Blues concert in Oklahoma a couple of years ago, and my wife signed up for Emails about the Moodies, and through that, she got one about his cruise.

Now, your staff reviewer nailed it about the music, and I second everything he said. So I;ll concentrate on the cruise aspects. The ship is very clean and very nice. If one were blindfolded and taken on the ship -- blindfold removed, he would swear he was on a ship of one of the lux lines and not a budget or mass market line. The service crew was outstanding. I agree with your reviewer about the food. "Ordinary" is the word I use. Not great and not horrible - just ordinary. But we did not book for the food. For this cruise (and not for MSC's regular cruises) we were offered drink packages that in effect turned MSC's "nickel and dime" drink policies into a virtual all inclusive -- for less total cost than an all inclusive line. If MSC would do this on all their cruises, we' take them on our "regular" cruises.

The ship was 100% full, but the lines and crowds were nowhere as bad as we have experienced on other ships with as many passengers. I think one reason is the Poesia has two dining rooms on separate floors. Even though it has fixed dining times and fixed seating, this reduces the crowds lining up for a single dining room that we've experienced on other ships of similar capacity.
One bad point was the extra cost in-room wireless internet. It never worked, and MSC had no on-board computer guy to send up to fix it. In a poor effort to compensate us for this MSC gave us 20 minutes free on the last day. Of course, this was worthless, as it didn't work! Front desk help was worthless on this ship. No way to get contact with anybody "in authority". Had to reverse the wireless internet charge through AMEX. The computers in the central internet room were equally worthless. Don't pay to use the computers on this ship!

On a happier note, we usually think ship's photographers are a PIA. But they were really good on the Poesia. Those photographers really knew how to pose people, and actually "modified" the photos to make some of us "elderly" look 20 years younger, so naturally we bought some of the photos. All in all, if they do it again, we'll do it again.

The Poesia IS designed for music cruises, with its large auditorium. It is a shame that no beverages are served there, and passengers are not even allowed to take bottled water there. Classic rock always goes better with a beer, but it is good anyway.

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