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Default Phenomenal Cruise

One of my girlfriends heard about this cruise in August and along with another friend, we booked as soon as we could. I wasn't all that interested in the Moody Blues, but wanted to go to hear Ambrosia, Zombies and Asia. I had already been to the destinations, so that wasn't the draw. Well, as most of the original hippies on this cruise will attest, every music group was amazing! These bands were great and the lead vocals were crystal clear. The venues made the acoustics sound incredible. All in my party were thrilled, and as others have said, it was so difficult to decide or schedule your time. There was so much music and so little time! If this trip had lasted another 5 days, it wouldn't have been too long!
The ship was very nice and again, as others have said, with so many people on board, it did not seem crowded. No lines for food, very often, although getting coffee in the am took some time. Yes, the food could be only warm at times, but breakfast was very good. And, I never could figure out how they kept over easy eggs hot and not overcooked! That was just amazing to me.
Well, all in all, I would do this again in a heartbeat...sign me up...soon!
I feel bad for anyone that wanted to go on this cruise and didn't get to. This truly was a fantastic voyage!
Oh, and these bands are some of the "greats of Rock"! If you weren't there, you have no idea and have no right to say who or who would not "do this gig".
This was not cheesy, by any stretch. It was five days of absolutely great concerts by great bands with great sound, and the production crew was awesome and worked tirelessly to put it all together! I'm pretty sure 99% of the people who went on this trip would do it again, if possible!
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