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Good morning everyone:

It's a babysitting day today. Our grandson has come down with the crud and didn't go to school yesterday or today. His parents have a seminar to conduct so grandma and grandpa are playing nurse. Actually, other than a slight cough, he isn't feeling too bad.

After the kids pick up our grandson, grandma and grandpa are heading out for the weekend. We are doing a weekend getaway and enjoy "The big city".

We'll have dinner tonight at a Polish restaurant and tomorrow we have reservations at a little place that a friend's son just opened up. He graduated from the Culinary Institute of America four years ago and has been working in Spain since then. He came home and now he and his Dad have gone into the restaurant business. We'll see if he learned anything.

It will be a good weekend to go. It is supposed to be rainy and cool so I won't feel guilty for not doing yard clean up.

I hope everyone has a good Friday and a wonderful weekend.

Donna: That picture is Toto-ly hilarious.

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