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I think it won't be soon enough for Rockefeller to retire and spend the rest of the trust fund his granddaddy left him.

First of all, the Coast Guard made the decision to send a cutter to the Triumph. I don't think Carnival requested it. Secondly, if we are to start checking the tax status of every ship, boat, and person the Coast Guard rescues we are headed down a slippery slope. What are the supposed to do, start charging a service fee before providing assistance? Scenario of a British sailboat in distress off of Cape Cod, with a married couple aboard and the husband just fell overboard..."this is the Coast Guard. We'll send out a rescue swimmer and helicopter to save your husband from drowning but since you don't pay American taxes it'll cost you $20,000. We take Visa and Mastercard." Granted this is an extreme example, but you get my drift.

I wonder what Schumer and Rockefeller would say if the big cruise lines simply left Florida and established embarkation ports in the Bahamas? I guess the only drawback would be airline support for flying to Nassau.
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