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Originally Posted by green_rd View Post
If Carnival is ‘bloodsucking off the American people and having no second thoughts about it.’ I'd like to know what other cruise lines are doing.
That is libelous statement for a Senator to make, especially one with the wealth and heritage of J Rockefeller.

His family wealth was infamous for "creative management" - eventually Standard Oil was declared a monopoly and broken up, but they "skirted" the laws by creating the "Standard Oil Trust" which was subject to completely different laws than a corporation. To me, that is a "loophole."

Ironically, one of Rockefeller's first partners in Standard Oil was Henry Flagler (the father of Miami).

My gut says J Rockefeller's motivation is more about breaking up Micky Arison than it is about the American people."

I don't see many American people complaining about the price of cruises. But the price of gasoline? That's a different story.
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