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A few more things to add to my original post....

Is it just me? I found the bathroom sink to be so low and I'm not a tall person. The sink height is perfect for a 8 year old.....

The first cruise I was called down to the Naughty room! I guess one of my suitcases scanned as suspicious on Embarkation. Had to open the suitcase while they check it out all went well. It must of been the shampoo/conditioner/perfume/liquid glitter/makeup For the record I never did or never will bring in booze.....I'm on vacation I'll buy drinks onboard.

Noticed more Tipsy and Drunk people then ever before with the start of the Drink package. I guess cruisers are thinking "well I paid for the booze package I might as well get my monies worth and drink everything in sight"

There was a woman I would say in her early 60's that was drunk every night. I spoke to her and she did have the drink package. Drunk people can be fun to watch. Know your limits! I'm on vacation I'll enjoy my Grasshoppers but I know when to stop and how many I can handle in a day. Everyone has their own magic number...stop when you hit your magic number before getting to the tipsy and drunk stages.

At least none of the drunks were getting behind the wheel.

Off to work I'm still in cruise mode I may breakout into the Cupid Shuffle dance sometime during work....I hope my coworkers don't mind!
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