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Originally Posted by mustang sally View Post
Have a question please. Have only been on Carnival and Royal Caribbean.
My husband is trying to sway me to try Celebrity. Honesty, I am not a fancy food eater, and the menus I have looked at on that ship, while enticing to others, it is not to me.
My question is, on the other lines I have been on, if there was nothing on that day's menu that appealed to you, they had a standard steak, or pasta dish you could get every night if you wanted to. Do they offer that on the Equinox ?
I really would appreciate your answers. I am really stressing over this.
Thank you.
Yes they do. There will be the "Every Day" menu that includes. Sirloin steak, salmon and grilled chicken breasts for entrees. There is also shrimp cocktail, stuffed mushrooms and fruit medley available for appetizers. Creme Brulee, chocolate and cheese cake are also available on the "Every Day" menu.

You can order from both the daily and Every Day menu if you don't see an appetizer or dessert you like.

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