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I wouldn't characterize Rockefellers letter as "outrageous," but it sure reeks of sour grapes.

And most of all - it is typical of a person who does not understand the history of passenger ships, and the fact that the business evolved and exists solely because of the way this country accepted Maritime Law (which by the way, is almost the same way all countries view it, Britain being one exception where they have changed the tort laws to say a person can sue for some punitive damages, and they raised the limit of compensation for a death at sea).

But otherwise Maritime Law is very standardized worldwide, because it is governed by a singular world-wide organization, the IMO, which has created treaties that most countries have signed.

If Rockefeller really wants to change the way these cruise lines are treated he is facing a much deeper challenge than changing the tax code - he has to change our nation's commitment to the IMO.
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