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Originally Posted by seadog2 View Post
CQ, I posted this on another thread but that very same thing happened to me on my Allure cruise. One of my bag weren't delivered to my cabin and I was told by my cabin steward the it was in security. It apparently scanned a suspicious object. I made my way down to the security area and I was asked for my name and seapass card. I was then asked if this luggage was mine and I said yes. The gentleman then asked for permission to open and search the bag. I complied. He went through my bag and my wife had packed a bottle of hair conditioner in it. He said ok you can take your luggage and go. Well it did give me a bit of a scare. I too would never smuggle booze on board. The little bit of alcohol I do drink I buy on board.
Yes exactly the same situation here....however to make myself clear I actually did not experience the naughty room myself......I went up to the windjammer to get food to take down to the cabin to enjoy on the balcony it was my son that had to deal with security and the naughty room. He was told to go to security by the cabin steward...which he did...He told me they opened the suitecase and went through the bag of toiteltries and was smelling stuff. My boy had no idea what was going on and why this was happening. He said he felt like he was on an episode of the tv show "locked up abroad" After security was done the suitcase was ok to take to the cabin. I came back to the cabin with the food and my son told me what happened I had to explain to him about cruisers smuggling booze. My son then said "why do cruisers smuggle liquor when there are many bars onboard" He did say security was nice and polite.

I then had to explain to my cabin steward it must have been the toiletries because I never bring booze onboard. I don't want my cabin steward or anyone else thinking I'm a booze smuggler.

I wish my son would have waited until I got back from the windjammer so I can make the trip to Security.

My drinking onboard is 3 drinks per day which I have no problem paying for.
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