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Originally Posted by Lakers Fan View Post
Travolta will never exit the closet ,he has too much to lose .

One of my former co-workers and her then husband were good friends of John McEnroe .I inquired as to whether his personality away from the tennis courts is different and she said ,absolutely not .
I do not think that statement is true. It did not hurt Ellen at all as far as I can see. Yes her sitcom was canceled-but it was not very good. Her talk show is great. Look at Elton John,no one cares, and that is true of many other celebrities-if they have real talent-no one cares.

The days of Rock Hudson and the prejudice he faced are from over 20 years ago.

However, anyone making unsoilicated sexual advances on anyone male or female, gay or straight, I consider that person is a jerk. Besides the fact that sexual harrassment is illegal, which means they are breaking the law.

As to whether JT made advances-I will give him the benefit of the doubt for now-too may sue-happy people around and people do target the wealthy and famous. I do know many years ago all the tabloids said he was gay for a few months and then you heard nothing for many years. I amsure any good googler could find that out and resurrect that inorder to use "sexual harassment" to get money.

I do wonder why JT took a crusie on a mainstreamline. surely he could afford a better line or even rent a yacht, if not buy one. That is the part that does not compute for me.

I also read that Demi Moore and Ashton Knutcher liked 3-somes with another girl. The reason they divorced was he started an open well pubilized affair with one of their lovers. (minus Demi I guess) Their popularity has not been hurt that I can see. As far as me, I never liked those 2 in the first place-or Bruce Willis. Anyway, maybe that is just the ways of Hollywood.
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