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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
Mike - that is an EXCELLENT idea. Tip of the month.

I have to say in the process of making all ticketing electronic, these mainstream cruise lines have kind of left a few details unclear - and this is one of them.

Mike - that is a great idea, so you don't have to carry a stapler and those paper tags (which can easily get destroyed in the travel process) stay in tact.

Thanks for mentioning it.

Let me get this straight - you take the paper tags (which are printed on your home printer) and you cover them front & back with clear "packing tape". Then you punch a hole in the end of them.

Then when you get to the pier you unfasten your regular luggage tag (many of them use a thick flexible rubber band, some have a leather strap) and you add the luggage tags to those fasteners, right?
Leave your regular "identification" on your bag. Just put the self laminated tag through the handle and and secure it with a cable tie through the holes you punched at each end.

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