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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
For that guy to be walking aorund with that in the front of his mind enough to actually come out and say it out loud is odd - and sad.

I am always one to give people like that the benefit of the doubt - maybe his whole family died in concentration camps, except he and his brother who fought the battle of the bulge and his brother died there -

Who knows?

The point is that you are supposed to get learn from the past, accept the changes and move on - otherwise you are dishonoring the people (like the Brits who kept Hitler occupied while the Russians crept up on Berlin) who truly made history.
My friend's daughter married a man originally form North Vietnam. Her uncle can't stand him simply because the uncle is a Vietnam vet. This poor guy was not even born until after that war. He had nothing to do with it.

Similarly, being an "army brat" as a kid, I remember kids whose mothers were Japaneze and German. Us kids never had a problem with that-until one boy's father told him he should hate a little girl whose mother was German( her father American-so she was Amercian) because she was a "nazi." Sometimes people need to accept "the war is OVER" and the younger generation were not around then and had nothing to do with it.

Besides, I am an English, Irish, French, Scottish, Dutch, Cherokee and Choctow descent Amercian. My father was a "southern boy" whose great grandfather was a confederate,and a prisoner of war by the northern armies during that war. My mother's ( Mom was from the midwest US whose family came from NY and Illinois) great grandmother lost a brother and her first husband in the US Civil war and they were on the "northern side."

So, my point,it seems my ancestors until the last 100- 150 years were always killing each other. That is now all ancient history though-isn't it? In my mind World War II is now ancient history also to people of my daughter's generation.
As long as the same atrocites never happen again-I say put that war behind you. BTW-Nazis persecuted more than Jews. You find that out VERY clearly if you go to the holocaust Museum in DC. If Your child had Downs-too bad they were executed. If you were not a mainstream religion-too bad off to concentration camps you went and you may very well have died there.

My point-this shows how small minded that Jewish Amercian man was. In a way he echoed Hitler didn't he? Small minded about anyone that was different was Hitler's signature. His attitude fits right in with Hitler's.
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