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Originally Posted by starnsky View Post
Greetings All,

I'm a 44 year old single Lady looking to travel this spring/summer. I have looked into Holland America 30-55 day cruises, traveling to either Caribbean or Hawaii/tahiti. I would like an inside cabin so that I can use the price difference on my shore excursions. You don't have to be with me or entertain me, but I will be happy to do excursions with you if you choose to do so. I love to snorkel, so I plan on doing that every chance I get. I don't care where we go, and I am willing to do a shorter 7 day cruise if you would like. I don't care what cruise line, nothing is set in stone other than I want go to beaches and explore.

I'm a non smoker, I do drink one mixed drink every night while on the cruise. I love to sunbathe while at sea.

I don't mind male or female cruise partner, but I do prefer anyone over the age of 40 and under the age of 100.

Let's get to planning this, I have seen some good deals on vacations to go.
Well I fall within the age requirement.

I am 72 yo and retired and love to cruise. I do most of my cruising on Holland America or Princess. I am easy going, love long cruises and am open to most anything over 14 days. I do not smoke, love ocean days, may drink a glass of wine on special occasions, am easy going and enjoy meeting people and new places.

Would love to hear back if you want to know more. my email address

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