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Originally Posted by janicebrennan View Post
EDITOR'S NOTE: We have now written an article about this scam - you can find it here:

Free Cruise Scams Return

We received a post card for a free cruise from a travel company. They want us to attend a 90 min lecture and we are suppose to receive a free Carnival Cruise and air fare. We will be required to pay port charges and fees. My question is: Has anyone taken or know anyone who has actually take one of these?
My DD and I were planning on a cruise, we had two different "Free Cruise Certificates" each was for two people. I got online and checked on them, we end up paying for our cruise. It was less expensive and chaotic to just book our own! You stay where they want you to (inside cabin, lower deck), when they want you to, (hurricane season), and it will end up costing you in the long run. Do not only toss it away, burn it so no one else will get it. This is just my opinion.

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