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Good Wednesday morning to all! Almost afternoon!! It is to be upper 50's today with showers/storms. Fun, fun!.

Happy Anniversary TM and the Mrs. Hope your day is great!

Good morning/afternoon LakersFan, Luanne and LS80.

RD - I also had a "muddy buddy" last week. My younger dog found the field (after a week of rain!) behind our house last Saturday. Of course, it was right after we cleaned house and I still cannot pick up more than 10# and DH was sleeping by then. So, I cleaned what I could and led her directly into her crate!! She knew by then that she was in trouble and hardly made a peep. She cleaned herself up by the time we returned from church and dinner. On Monday, she had her grooming!! Watching her real close now when we go outside!!

Have a good day to all!
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