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I have to admit that I also thought "amusement park" when I saw the initial reveal; but the more I think about it the more I think this will bew a really fun ship.

I did not see any mention of a main stage - so I don't know if it will have one. This could be the first cruise ship ever NOT to have a main theater, and that is actually a very good decision design-wise. Big rooms that remain dark most hours of the day are a bad idea for cruise ships.

First of all - everything is free. I may not "love" bumper cars, but I associate them with little red tickets at a dusty state fair. But free, on a clean cruise ship with friendly people (not some guy in ducktail haircut who decides to pound the crap out of me - like when I was a kid) I would find them to be much more fun.

The "Eye," - I have taken the Eye in London and it is interesting. I just really don't see what there is to "see" at sea. But it will go very slowly, and those pods are much bigger than any Ferris wheel seat, like a small bedroom.
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