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Default Cruise Critic Editor says NO to Carnival cruising

In this interview with Peter Greenberg, Cruise Critic editor Carolyn Spencer Brown is asked if she would cruise on Carnival right now, and she says:

Peter Greenberg: ... So here’s my question for you, Miss Would you go on a Carnival cruise right now?

Carolyn Spencer Brown: I would prefer not to and I certainly wouldn’t recommend that our readers do it at this point. There are a lot of choices out there that are not having the same problems. I hate saying this, but book elsewhere.


I am personally amazed that Carolyn, whom I know, would go this far and I say this because I just could not disagree more.

Carnival has always been a top cruise line as far as I am concerned, and I especially appreciate the fact that the line offers one of the best values in cruising, without cutting back on quality. To me they are the one cruise line that offers everything that all other cruise lines cost, but at a much lower price.

They are in the same camp as "In & Out Burger," or "Trader Joes," to me. High quality but not at elite prices.

Carnival's ships are built in the same shipyards; using the same workers, materials and engines, as the ships belonging to Princess, Holland America, Cunard, Costa, P&O Cruises and more.

The fact that Carnival Cruise Line would happen to suffer two of these events is no indication that Carnival is any worse than any other cruise line. It can be a statistic anomaly. After all, all of the companies mentioned above have the same parent company; Carnival Corp. - Yes, Carnival is the cruise line that has been so successful that it has been able to purchase all of those other companies.

So - would this particular editor say the same thing about these other cruise lines as well?

I am just amazed.
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