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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
Sorry Mike, I usually agree with your insights, but in this case I really don't agree.

(1) American express only removed them from their "preferred suppliers" list - they didn't drop the cruise line inventory, and

(2) it only had to do with Carnival ads no longer saying "call your travel agent."

(3) The American Express thing happened well over a month before this interview, and I don't think that event had that much influence on what CSB thinks.

(4) I just don't see Cruise Critic ever siding with either a cruise line or agents over anything, they are not a trade publication. Plus, if you read the article she states her specific reasons for saying what she says - concerns over the mechanical condition of Carnival ships.

I agree that a lot of it had to do with Carnival's recent mechanical problems but I do believe that Carnival's agent policies and advertising were part of the reason. I also agree that CSB went too far in her statement. I also believe Carnival delivers a quality product at a reasonable price. Heck, based on my last two Celebrity cruises and my last three Carnival cruises I believe Carnival delivers a superior product.

You can book a Carnival cruise with American Express only if you ask for one. You can no longer book a Carnival cruise, online, with American Express. It has been pulled from their selections.

If you call an American Express Platinum travel agent they will book a Carnival cruise but be prepared to be steered to another line.

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