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i felt the need to comment on this post as something similar happened to me on the reflection last month. however, i certainly did not let it ruin my cruise or refuse to dine in any of the venues.

due to the 30 minute chair rule out by the pool, my husband and i often had to eat breakfast by ourselves while one of us stayed with our chairs. i went in for two things, some bacon and some potatoes. i walked in to the oceanview cafe wearing a crochet cover up over my bathing suit. while i was helping myself to some of the potatoes one of the oceanview cafe managers approached me and said, "i'm sorry, but i am going to have to ask you to leave the cafe." i looked at him, dumbfounded. excuse me? he continued, "we have a dress code and what you are wearing is inappropriate."

my cover up had "holes" in it because it was crocheted yarn, however it still covered my body. i said, "what do you mean, i am wearing a coverup." he proceeds to say, "that is not a cover up." EXCUSE ME? i didn't ask for him to tell me what a cover up was or wasn't.

my eyes narrowed and i looked at him and said loudly, "excuse me? i have worn this cover up on many cruises in this cafe and i have never had a problem." at this point i am sure people were looking at us, but i was persistent. he said, "ma'am, we have a dress code."

"yes, and i am following it. but if you are going to be difficult then at least let me get my breakfast before you make me go all the way down to my room to change my COVER UP." he backed off and i finished dipping my breakfast.

then, i went and sat down in the front of the restaurant and ate my breakfast. he walked by several times tending to other duties and i gave him an eye and he avoided me like the plague after that. he offended me and i let him know it and then didn't let him stop me from enjoying my breakfast where i was entitled to. i saw him in there throughout the duration of the cruise after that, and he never said anything to me again. i did not complain to the front desk, i assume he thought my reaction would warrent that.

my opinion on this is, there are usually people in the front of oceanview giving out hand sanitizer before passengers enter the cafe. if they had SUCH a problem with the way i was dressed, they should have informed me before i entered the establishment. as i said, i was covered, i was wearing flip flops, and this man still proceeded to tell me i wasn't dressed appropriately after i had entered the cafe. this is not okay. they need to make sure people are aware of the expectations in the oceanview before they have to awkwardly approach someone and imply that they look offensive.

maybe i just have a different personality than the OP's daughter, but never once did i cry about this situation. i was very miffed. this crew member angered me and i let him know it. then he backed off when he realized he wasn't informing, but offending. and, i probably continued to wear that cover up in there in spite of his comment, yet he never said a word to me again
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