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Originally Posted by CRUISESHIPKRIS View Post
Yes the message could have and should have been conveyed differently. We had to convince our daughter to take the trip with us as she recently lost her fiance who was to travel with us, she did not want to go without him.
just read this and it makes sense now. i was in a similar situation last june (although different because i did not actually lose my fiance, long story short he'd made me feel like i had) and went on a vacation with my parents that he was supposed to come with us. any tiny little thing might have made me cry on that vacation because he was supposed to be there. so while in a normal situation i still think the crew member was out of line, the emotional turmoil she was experiencing was not due to the comment, but what was going on in her life at the time. i am so sorry she is going through this pain. i can't even imagine. but i still don't think it would warrant your refusal to sail had you not already been sailing.
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