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Morning Mates, and so sorry Aerogirl to hear you are flooded. Laura and Luanne, I;m sure we all feel for those in Texas and in Boston, whether or not we are from there, it's been a horrendous week....

To lighten the mood, I'll post a pic of poor little Griffin who did not have a good day at the groomers yesterday. Every woman has had the experience of going to the hairdresser and being hugely disappointed with the results; well it was that kind of day for Griffin. For some unknown reason the girl shaved his front legs naked from top to bottom and left the rest of him thick and fluffy - he looks like a sheep! Worst of all, under all that hair we discovered his legs are bowed and his feet turn out so he looks ridiculous. I have to take him to doggie class tonight, he's going to be laughed out of the room!

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